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WEB 3.0

Shilstone has been using the web 3.0 space in a variety of ways to help build worlds, create authentic work, and tell stories.


Shilstone has used this new technology to support his independent filmmaking. He has successfully raised funds for two animations on Formfunction, a Solana-based marketplace. 

The below animated loop, 'Bowler', was the first animation fundraised this way.

Shilstone's currently animating his next short film, 'Off Leash'. The story follows 10 dogs, each owned by a collector who take on the role of producer of the film. The main character of the film was determined based on which dog was collected for the most. In this case, it was Isabella the poodle.

Learn more about projects HERE.



Shilstone's more conceptual works will live on SuperRare, a premiere 1/1 platform on the Ethereum blockchain. These pieces are meant to be displayed and hung on a wall, so to speak. The first piece minted on here was a collaboration with Wu-Tang legend Method Man, seen above. Shilstone created a looped animation to accompany his unreleased track '93 Bells' produced by J Ralph. You can walk through a virtual gallery HERE to see the pieces in a more appropriate environment.

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