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When Isabella the poodle sets her sights on a new friend at the park, an unfortunate chain of events gets in the way of what she wants. 


The 'Off Leash' short film includes a cast of 10 different dogs. Each character was auctioned off for collectors to purchase, giving the chance to invest into the film. Whichever character sold for the most became the main character of the film. With the characters, setting and goal made clear, it was up to fans to determine if the film would be made.


View the digital collectibles here.


Once the film was fundraised and the protagonist determined, it was time to develop the film. Storyboarding and character exploration provided insight to the tone and direction of the film. Once the storyboards were completed, they were then pieced together with temporary music to get a sense of the pacing and timing.



Once the film's direction was finalized, production began. Rough animation began with shape blocking followed by refining shape movement and then finally line work. During the production, composers and musicians were finalizing the music and sound design. The clip below shows some of the early production process.



Associate Producer

Art Director

Music Director



Brian Spencer

Erin Soorenko

Aaron Frisbie

Julian Schoming

Chet Frierson

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